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Stand-up urinal for women

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The urination aid that every woman can use to pee like a man.

Product details

Stand-up urinal: pee while standing like a man 🙂

Have you always wanted to pee standing up? This cool tool can help you with this, the stand-up urinal. It works while standing, lying or sitting. Emptying the bladder - super easy. And you don't even have to take off your clothes completely. So also well suited for cross-country skiing and downhill skiing.

Urination aid/stand-up urinal

Small, handy, antibacterial, reusable and liquid-repellent.

The medium wet-bag is well suited, if you want a bag to store it for on the go.

Wetbags für unterwegs



Material of the stand-up urinal:

The Whiz material (latex-free thermoplastic elastomers - TPE) is a high-quality, medically approved, anti-bacterial and liquid-repellent material.

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