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Washing instructions


As often as a conventional sanitary napkin, because ALMO are at least as absorbent as the disposable version.

With & without leak protection.

Washing instructions for your ALMOs

After use, you can put the sanitary towels in a small bucket with a lid or a wet bag. The wet bag is also ideal for traveling. The sanitary towels can be collected in the bucket or wet bag until the end of the menstrual period. No cold water soaking required!

The products are insensitive to stains: ... put in the washing machine at 95 ° C. Laundry of similar color and temperature can also be added here.
Use the detergent you normally use to wash underwear. Fabric softener is not recommended. Bleach attacks the fabric, please do not use.
Hang up or tumble dry after washing. They are ready for the next month.

Cloth sanitary napkins are like cloth diapers, they become even more absorbent after a few washes. However, they can still be used immediately.

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