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Cozy DAYS set

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What do I wish for myself? Or what would I have wished for my first menstrual DAYS?

We have different sets to choose from:
SET 1: 1x period panties, 5x cloth pads size XS, 1x small wetbag, 1x book (in German) "Tanz mit dem Mond", 1x spray of the brand "Primavera", 1x small red suitcase

SET 2: 1x period panties, 3x cloth pads size XS, 1x small wetbag

SET 3: 3x cloth pads size XS, 1x wetbag

SET 4: 3x cloth pads for tangas, 1x cloth pad size XS, 1x wetbag

Each set includes: 1x make-up removal pad, 1x organic moonmilk, 1x yogi tea, 1x chocolate bar


You can write in the order note which wetbag you want. Available now: pink with white dots, blue jeans, jungle, green leaves, blue flowers fireworks and yellow flowers. If we do not receive a message with your wish about the design, we will send you a casual one. We will also send you a colorful mix of sanitary towels if you do not write any color requests in the order note. Available sanitary napkin colours are: black, white, petrol, light blue (aqua), magenta (pink), green, red, yellow, purple.

You also can choose the period panties you want. Please write in any case in the order note which period panty you prefer.

xxx Jungle, green leaves, blue flowers fireworks and yellow flowers

xxx Panty or Slip

xxx Size: 32/34, 36/38, 40/42, 44/46, 48/50, 52/54 (size chart is on the pictures)

xxx Light absorption capacity or medium absorption capacity (the advantage of the medium absorption capacity is the leakage protection that goes very thinly up the whole bottom and also ensures more protection at night)

We have a lot of panties in stock, but it is also possible that a variant is temporarily not available. In this case, we'll let you know. Either you decide to choose a period panty in stock or the slip will be sewn for you. The sewing can take 4-8 weeks.



In general, the size XS of the cloth pad is great for the first period, because you can use it for the white flow before the days, for example. And if the menstrual period is already very heavy, you can always buy larger ones. Your girl can then use the size XS for the beginning or the end of her period, when the bleeding is lighter.

A very personal recommendation...
... you can give the set as a present with a small piece of jewelry, a chain, a ring or something similar. No matter if it is an heirloom from you/grandma or a piece of jewelry that you bought together with your girl that day.
This day can be something very special. Your girl should be able to remember a mega cool, funny and beautiful day with you later. Because that, but also the conversations about menstruation had with you/with family/friends can be very decisive.
The important thing is: how do you talk about menstruation? If you see your menstruation as a nuisance ... Do you think your girl would then feel like celebrating her menstruation or looking forward to her first menarche?
It's like everything else... What do you set an example for her?

For example: whether your daughter is looking forward to her first menstruation or is afraid of it, disgusted or "doesn't feel like it". Mahoiko Anita Vögeli emphasized this fact.
Ask her beforehand what she would like to do, what she absolutely wants to do on that day, what she wants from you, with whom she wants to spend/celebrate the day (maybe alone - that is also completely ok).
Does she want to have some delicious meal with you, her sister/aunt/grandma?
Or is she in the mood for a trip to a special place with an overnight stay just with you/aunt/sisterr/grandma?
How about a girls' evening, a cool movie, popcorn, tea lights and mom talks about her magical menstruation?


If you want to know more about the topic have a look here:



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