Special: symbol of Venus

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Wear the divine ALMO cloth pad in the special version with the symbol of Venus.



Special Venus symbol


Cloth pad with wings, with embroidered Venus symbol.


All ALMOs with the Venus’ symbol are all with leak protection and are therefore suitable for menstruation, weak bladder, as a backup to the menstrual cup and as a panty liner for every day.


The sign of the goddess Venus is an invitation to look at yourself with loving eyes and a patient look. It reminds us that we are all deepy loved, from the ground of our soul.
The symbol was developed by Thea Unteregger, who researches and paints a lot about goddesses in the Alpine region. More info on: http://amathea.it

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L + (double suction power), M + with leak protection (double suction strength), M with leak protection, S with leak protection, XS with leak protection


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