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Levantine natural sponge

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Levantine natural sponge, different sizes available

All sponges are unbleached.

Contents: 1 piece individually packed in plastic or unpacked in a cotton bag.

Product details

Levantine natural sponge of the best quality.
The natural sponge is available here unbleached (slightly brownish). Because bleached is just not cool 😉

Size S: approx. 3-4 cm long.

Size M: approx. 4-6 cm long.

Size L: approx. 6-7 cm long.

The absorption capacity of the sponge is comparable to the one of the tampons.

If you are worried that you will not be able to get the sponge out again, you can simply pull a string through or tie it around.

Content: 1 piece individually packed in plastic or unpacked in a cotton bag, the choice is yours 🙂

The sponge is a natural product and therefore can vary slightly in shape and size.

Handling of the menstrual sponge

Dear customer, the sponge is a natural product. Unlike tampons, it does not dry out the vagina, nor does it damage the mucous membranes during insertion. You may know the feeling in the last days of the bleeding, when inserting a tampon / mooncup can be difficult and painful.

Before using it for the first time, you can put the sponge in a basin full of water with some vinegar to neutralize the pH value. Then, before using it, the sponge has to be moistened with water, squeezed and inserted with two fingers into the vagina. You push it up with the middle finger, like you do with a tampon. However, if it seems too big, you can trim it.

The sponge is easy to be inserted and removed with two fingers. A tip: if you push down with the pelvic floor muscle like by urinating, the sponge slips a bit down too and you can take it out more easily. Do not worry - it can not "disappear". The only opening of the uterus is the cervix, which is very small.

When the sponge reached its fully absorption capacity, it has firstly to be washed out under running cold water, so that the blood does not clot. Mucus residuals, which settle on the surface of the sponge, can be better removed with warm water. The mucus looks glassy and consists of the mucous membrane, which is formed after each ovulation in the uterus and expelled during the bleeding.

How often needs the sponge to be washed? It depends on the strength of your bleeding. Usually 3/4 of the blood of a menstruation are eliminated during the first 48 hours. Therefore, it may be necessary to wash out the sponge already after 2-3 hours in those days. If the bleeding decreases, it may also stay in the vagina for 4-6 hours before it has to be washed out.

Before reinserting it, you can squeeze the sponge very well under warm water: some women find this procedure more comfortable, because the sponge is not so cold then. In order to avoid the formation of bacteria, the sponge can be regularly put in a basin full of water with some vinegar (2:1) or in a cup with water and a drop of tea tree oil.

ATTENTION: You should never boil a natural sponge, otherwise it will harden and shrink. After cleaning, the sponge should dry quickly in the air (do not leave it in a damp bath, where it can absorb bacteria). Store it in a cotton bag (for example a wash mitt or a stocking).

IMPORTANT: In case of vaginal infections you should not use the sponge, or use a new sponge after treatment.

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