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Natural rubber mooncup

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Vegan mooncup made from 100% fair trade and FSC® certified natural rubber.

Product details

THE natural rubber mooncup is now available.

Made from 100% fair trade and FSC® certified natural rubber from Sri Lanka.


Size S has a volume of 8ml, is 6.1cm high and its diameter is 3.8 cm

Size M has a volume of 12ml, is 6.65cm high and its diameter is 4.1cm.

Size L has a volume of 13ml, is 6.95cm high and its diameter is 4.4cm.

Size XL has a volume of 20ml, is 7.2cm high and its diameter is 4.7cm.


Just because you are over 30 or have already given birth doesn't mean you need a bigger cup !!! Even if some manufacturers write it that way. What a crap.

If you have a lot of bleeding, you'll need a large cup.

Since the menstrual cup made of natural rubber is relatively soft, it is not suitable for particularly trained pelvic floors. The strong pelvic floor compresses the cup and the blood runs past it.

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