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Handkerchief made of fabric

6,90  incl. VAT plus Shipping

Handkerchiefs made from organic cotton. 1 piece € 6.90.


Product details

Handkerchief made of 100% organic cotton with a hanger
Washable at up to 95 degrees

Size approx. 20 x 19 cm

Super soft

These handkerchiefs are much thicker than normal handkerchiefs, but very, very soft and absorbent.

Set price: If you put at least 10 items from the following products in the shopping cart, the shop automatically deducts a 20% set discount:

Handkerchief, all-purpose cloth, cloth bandage, panty liner, period panties, wetbag, make-up removal pad (everything can be mixed)


You don't have to buy new ones anymore, you always have them at home and you save money for replenishment 😉

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