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The sanitary napkin or panty liner slips and does not hold

The sanitary napkin or panty liner slips and does not hold

The common problem with sanitary towels or panty liners - slipping! Always the same! Panty liners or sanitary napkins do not sometimes have enough adhesive surfaces, are too big or too small, slip or move around during the day. This often happens when you're doing sports or cycling to work. What can you do about it?

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Panty liners or pads with wings

Pay attention to the wings when you buy the pads. These clever inventions were specially developed to prevent a pad from slipping. The manufacturers also try to use new, environmentally friendly adhesives so that everything sits well and fits. The material of your briefs or panties is also decisive. Of course, everything adheres slightly better to cotton than to silk or smoother surfaces.
In addition, some areas in the panties are more difficult to glue, if they have been sewn, so that seams interfere with the adhesive surfaces.

Using a lotion

Some testers also report that they put some lotion on themselves after a fresh shower, which has an additional anti-slip effect on sanitary towels or panty liners. Good for the skin and also for your panties!

But be careful: it is better to work with a sensitive special cream in the intimate area! Advice: do not use fabric softener - this prevents the pad from sticking well!

Are there any alternatives?

The eternal throwing away of the used pads, producing garbage for years, can also be annoying, so that you could think more about alternatives and sustainability when you buy monthly hygiene products.

Solution for your next period

12% of women have already discovered new menstrual products and rethought them. Cloth pads and washable panty liners are becoming more popular as alternatives for store-bought items. They are mostly made of cotton or hemp and can be easily washed by hand or in the washing machine. They flatter sensitive skin and come in fun patterns and colors. They also look really good.

Are cloth pads and panty liners better?

Many women already think that cloth products are better than conventional when they use non-slip inserts. We can also do something for our planet and the environment with our new monthly hygiene. Women who tested the new fabric sanitary towels confirm that they are more comfortable to wear, they can easily be washed out under running water and, most importantly, they are more discreet!

Another advantage: the interviewed testers stated that cotton sanitary napkins smell less. Since women often worry during their menstruation, whether you can smell or see something, that brings reassurance!

So we women have many options. We can test different manufacturers, consider alternative cloth pads or even many new panties made of different materials.