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Panty liner and monthly hygiene for cycling and riding

Panty liner and monthly hygiene for cycling and riding

Many women and girls do not want to forego sporting activities during their period. Sports such as horse riding or cycling, in particular, are sometimes restricted. In the saddle, pads or panty liners can be bothersome. In addition, these sports can cause sanitary towels or panty liners to slip. This is uncomfortable. However, you do not have to give up your sport. Opt for a flexible insert or tampons that are very absorbent. With the right monthly hygiene, you can forget your period when you are doing your favorite sport.

Cycling and riding with briefs and co .: Much more pleasant with the right tips!

Monthly hygiene when cycling - these options are available

You may have ridden a bike on your period and found it particularly uncomfortable. Sanitary towels and panty liners can press if they come into direct contact with the bicycle saddle. This is especially true if you ride on a sporty saddle or own a racing bike. Nevertheless, longer bike tours are possible. You need a monthly hygiene that is very flexible.

Thin and flexible pads and panty liners

There are pads and panty liners on the market that are particularly thin and absorbent. You can wear them for several hours. This is important when planning longer bike rides. The material is designed in such a way that it adapts perfectly to your body and your movements. For this reason, monthly hygiene is perfect for all sports. You get the pads and panty liners in different sizes. If you are having a heavy period, choose a larger and longer pad. Make sure that the material is flexible and adapts well to your body and your activities. Then you can use these pads very well when cycling.

As an alternative to a pad, you can wear tampons while cycling. It is important that you insert the tampon correctly. If it is deep enough in the vagina, you will not find it annoying on a narrow bicycle saddle or on a racing bike.

Riding on your period - you don't have to go without it

You don't have to stop riding during your period. As with cycling, you can achieve optimal protection with thin and flexible panty liners. The saddle that you use when riding even has an advantage over the bicycle saddle. It is shaped differently and a little wider. If you wear a very thin pad or panty liner, you won't even notice it when you ride. The same applies if you choose a tampon. But the perfect fit is also important here.

Reusable monthly hygiene - the alternative to classic insoles

If you are looking for an alternative to classic monthly hygiene, you can opt for reusable pads. These deposits are also absolutely flexible. On the saddle of a bicycle or when riding, they do not press and therefore do not act as a nuisance. The reusable panty liners are made of pure cotton and are therefore particularly skin-friendly. This is an advantage when exercising, especially when prolonged sitting exerts a certain amount of pressure on the abdomen. The panty liners are absorbent and designed for frequent use. Not only can you do sports flexibly, you also make an important contribution to the environment.