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Monthly hygiene for children: pads, tampons and pads for girls

Monthly hygiene for children: pads, tampons and pads for girls

What monthly hygiene is good for young girls? In the modern western world, young girls are on average 11 to 14 years old when they get their first period. A good education is essential for the handling of the menstrual hygiene for the well-being of the young girl. The conversation can also take away anxiety and uncertainty.

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Lots of questions and small fears about the first menstrual period

Often uncertainty and many questions are associated with the first menstrual period. The mother, grandma or best friend are often the contact persons. It is important to find appropriate monthly hygiene for the young girl. There is a wide range of options. But every girl is different, so menstrual hygiene should be tailored to the type and activities that the girl likes to do. In no case should monthly hygiene restrict daily life, hobbies or activities. Sometimes it is necessary to try a few variants until the right monthly hygiene is found. Also consider the aspect of the environment, because the classic pads and tampons cause a lot of waste. There are alternatives that are not only good for the environment. Sensitive skin particularly benefits from environmentally friendly alternatives.

Children's tampons - safe monthly hygiene for young girls

The young girls are often still children when they first have their periods. Good nutrition and lack of deficiency, for example due to hunger or illness, have meant that the first menstrual period starts earlier and earlier. If the young girl is keen to use tampons, there is a selection of products for children. The tampons are very small and narrow. They can be easily inserted before the first sex. Usually the hymen remains in place despite the use of the tampons. When buying the tampons, look for the smallest size. The manufacturers have different names for this. Size 0 is common, but also mini or midi.

The classic sanitary napkin for teenagers

The alternative to tampons for children are pads. Many young girls are more comfortable with a small panty liner than with a tampon. Also make sure that the size is small when buying. The first menstrual periods are often not that heavy, so panty liners are often sufficient. You can also get sanitary napkins in small sizes from the various manufacturers. Also pay attention to the terms midi or mini here. Size 0 is also used. The bandages should be as thin as possible in their shape. It is also important to buy sanitary towels that do not contain any perfume or fragrance.

Reusable monthly hygiene for young girls

Classic pads and tampons contain plastic components that are difficult to break down. The high quantities in which the cosmetic articles are used in the world pollute the environment enormously. As an alternative, girls can use reusable cotton panty liners. The advantages are apparent:

  • The panty liners are particularly kind to the skin
  • They are safe and perfectly adapt to the girl's anatomy
  • They can be machine washed at 95 degrees Celsius

After the one-time purchase, no further investments are necessary for a longer period of time. In addition, you tend to raise your daughter on the side with a conscious approach to the environment. The natural monthly hygiene offers a high comfort factor and a lot of freedom of movement. The panty liners are easy to use. They are a good alternative to classic menstrual hygiene, with which young girls get along very well with their first menstrual period.